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Lori Hill

President and Co-Founder

Lori is the main spokesperson for Sister Eden. 

Growing up among the simple farms in and around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Amish Country) and being the daughter of two post-depression era parents who lived on farms in Indiana County, Pennsylvania (birthplace of Jimmy Stewart and the Christmas tree capital of the world), taught Lori about reusing and repurposing. And as a child of the 60s, she soon added 2 more Rs to her vocabulary: reducing and recycling. Read more.


Image credit balance photography

Image credit balance photography

John Robinette

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

John is Sister Eden’s writer of witty video scripts, deep and thoughtful observer about the challenges of going green, and resident research dude.

He can’t remember the exact first moment he became interested in the environment. Maybe it was watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or Jacques Cousteau specials as a kid in the 1970’s.  Read more.

Image credit: balance photography

Image credit: balance photography

Susanna Parker

Contributing Blogger

Susanna is a contributing blogger and go-to web person for Sister Eden. She addresses environmentalism through sometimes unusual topics, and regularly talks about the everyday difficulties and triumphs of “going green.”

Susanna was raised to have respect for and obligation toward the natural world. Spending summers in Western North Carolina, the Parker family watchword was “leave no trace” and to this day she still has a deep disdain for those who think the world is their trashcan. At the University of Maryland University College she studied Environmental Management and Natural Science, and began incorporating even more “green” practices into her life. Like a true Marylander, she’s passionate about the Chesapeake Bay and its restoration. Not to mention Old Bay. Read more.


the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl

Contributing Bloggers

We believe in the concept of full disclosure. So here it is…. we aren’t really hippies. We don’t own any tie-dye, bell bottoms or patchouli oil. We aren’t even dirty. Sorry. We chose the name of this blog because so many times, folks have assumed that we must be dirty hippies because who else would care about the environment and eat vegan food? Read more.