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How I’ve Survived — and Thrived — at the CCAN “Keep Winter Cold” Polar Bear Plunge

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I really hate the cold. I mean, really, really hate it. I’m at the “I’d rather walk barefoot over broken glass then spend time in freezing weather” level of hating the cold. This time of year, I think fondly of 95-degree summer days. Yet for the past ten years, I get really, really cold at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s …

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10 Easy Green Actions

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  When I speak about green living, some people automatically assume it is going to cost more money. Yes, some green actions do cost more, but there are SO MANY things you can do that don’t cost a penny. So here are my 10 Easy Green Actions You Can Take Right Now In Your Home That Don’t Cost a Penny …

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Vegan Apple Salad

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A Necessary Task  I created this vegan apple salad recipe out of necessity. One summer day, I had a few apples that were getting brown spots, but I wasn’t about to toss them in the compost bin because I HATE FOOD WASTE! So I chopped  up the apples and began adding ingredients I thought would work well. The next thing …

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Moo-less (Vegan) Mashed Potatoes

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  Replace the Cow with a Plant It’s easy to prepare vegan mashed potatoes.  Just replace the moo (cow milk) with plant-based milk such as soy, almond, or coconut, like I’ve used here. I don’t like the flavor that soy milk gives the potatoes, so I use coconut milk because it leaves no detectable coconut taste to the potatoes.  To …

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4 Tips to Stay Green When Choosing Your Halloween Costume

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  “What’s your Halloween costume this year?” It’s a popular question asked of kids and adults. I love dressing up for Halloween, but I don’t toss my fashion ethics to the curb for this one night. I utilize the same strategies for choosing my Halloween costume as I do when purchasing regular clothing.    Reuse. Don’t Toss.  I hold on …

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Hold the Straw Please: Take a Stand Against Plastic Straws

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“Hold the straw, please.” It’s a refrain I make when ordering beverages at restaurants and cafes that provide a plastic straw with beverages. My request is almost always honored, unless the harried server is on automatic pilot and still places a straw in my drink out of habit.  Unfortunately, my attempt to prevent a straw from making its way into …

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Guilt-Free Halloween Treats

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  I spoke about this topic on Good Morning Washington. Click above to watch.   Guilt-free Halloween treats. Is that even possible? We’re all becoming more aware of artificial colors, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and GMOs in our food, so how do we avoid these scary ingredients in our Halloween treats? It’s tough because sadly, the popular brands …