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Leave It On or Take It Off: Recycling Questions Answered

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  My latest appearance on Good Morning Washington covered this topic. Click above or watch it here.  Be sure to see my related post Residential Curbside Recycling: 11 Items to Leave Out along with my appearance on Good Morning Washington.   Single stream recycling has made it easier for all of us to recycle but it has opened the door …

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Residential Curbside Recycling: 11 Items to Leave Out

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  Watch the segment I did on this topic for Good Morning Washington!  Refuse, Reduce, Reuse Before You Recycle We live in such a disposable economy and the option to recycle something gives us the illusion that we are doing something good. And yes, recycling is good, but it should be our last option (okay, throwing something in the trash should …

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Reusable Bags Aren’t Just for Groceries

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  Don’t just use reusable bags for grocery shopping, use them for ALL your purchases: drugstore office supply store hardware store clothing store   restaurant takeout I set aside special cloth bags for clothing and use nylon bags when picking up takeout food (so that I can easily rinse them out if they get soiled with food). Follow me on Twitter …

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4 Easy Green Living Tips

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1. Conserve Energy Turn off or unplug anything you aren’t using including: Appliances Lights Your idling car Wash clothes in warm or cold water and always rinse in cold 2. Conserve Water Take 3-minute (or less) showers. Time yourself. See how efficient you can be! Wash dishes by hand or run the dishwasher only when it is full. Scrape plates …

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Cruelty Free Products for Your Winter Adventure

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Order your Winter Box of 6 cruelty-free products from Vegan Outdoor Adventures. The box is valued at $50, but it’s yours for just $27 by clicking on this link.  Products include: Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel 2.0 Scout  Combination fire steel and emergency whistle for wilderness preparedness. Start fires, light camp stoves or whistle for help with this useful tool. Thrive …

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Gesundheit! Help Handkerchiefs Make a Comeback

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As the cold and flu season approaches, use a handkerchief  in lieu of tissues. Purchase them at a vintage clothing or thrift store or buy new. You can use them over and over again. Save money on tissues and prevent landfill waste, too! Follow me on Twitter @Sister_Eden to see all my #GreenTips each week!

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Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

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About This Sister Eden Video These eco-friendly laundry tips will save you money, time, water, electricity, detergent and make your clothes last longer. Oh yeah AND reduce our dependency on oil. Wear Clothes Again and Again If your clothes aren’t visibly dirty or smelly, wear them again! And again! People really do this! In fact, the CEO of Levi Strauss …

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Kale and Seitan Vegan Stir Fry

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This easy to whip together kale and seitan vegan stir fry is great for any time of day and can be altered to include leftovers in your fridge.  “What the heck is seitan?” you ask. It’s made from wheat and is high in protein and is often called “wheat meat” because its texture is very meat-like.  One day, when craving …

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Rules: 2017 Polar Bear Plunge Costume Contest

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  And the Winner Is… Watch this video to learn about the winning entry!  About the Contest On January 28, 2017, I’m taking my 10th plunge in the Potomac River as part of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s 12th Annual Keep Winter Cold Polar Bear Plunge. For the previous 3 plunges, I’ve dressed up as: an oil slick a salad …

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Food Ingredient Cards

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  When throwing a party or special event, it’s important to let guests know the ingredients for the dishes you serve. This is really important for guests who have allergies, are gluten-free, or are vegan or vegetarian.  I’ve got two types of cards: — tent style and flat. Choose the one that best suits your needs!  food-ingredient-cards-tent-style food-ingredient-cards-flat-card-style