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Guilt-Free Halloween Treats

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  I spoke about this topic on Good Morning Washington. Click above to watch.   Guilt-free Halloween treats. Is that even possible? We’re all becoming more aware of artificial colors, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and GMOs in our food, so how do we avoid these scary ingredients in our Halloween treats? It’s tough because sadly, the popular brands …

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Green Living Apps to Help You Live More Sustainably

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My latest appearance on Good Morning Washington covered this topic. Click above or watch it here.  Here is even more information about those 5 apps. All are available for iOS and Android devices. Unless indicated, the app is free.   iRecycle I am a huge fan of the website which is chock full of recycling information. Now they have …

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Earth Friendly Holiday Gifts

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  I’m done with traditional holiday gifts.  I’d rather walk barefoot over broken glass than battle traffic to drive to the mall and then hunt for a parking space and then deal with crowds to buy a gift that someone may not enjoy or even trash.  [Deep breath].  Because of this, I’ve turned to sex.  Okay, it’s actually SECs. Services. Experiences. …

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Spice Rack Aftershave

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Trying to think of a cool gift for your favorite Dad? Maybe you’re just a devoted DIY-er. Either way, making your own aftershave is a simple project. A lot of the ingredients are already in your kitchen, too! The base of the aftershave is witch hazel. This is the astringent in the recipe and helps tighten and tone the skin. …