Cheap and Easy Travel Tips

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Save money when traveling by follow these 4 easy travel tips.


Tip #1 – Pack your own food and water

When grocery shopping the week before your trip, load up on bulk snacks and then place those in reusable bags like Lunchskins. Bring reusable water bottles filled with water and when you get to a rest stop, refill at a water fountain or at a beverage fountain. If flying, be sure your bottles are empty before going through Security, and then refill at the other end at a water fountain or food outlet.

Tip #2 – Split portions at restaurants

We’ve been there, and I bet you have, too. You’re starving and so your hungry tummy orders lots of food — appetizers, entrees, desserts. And the portions are huge. And you can’t finish it all. And since you don’t have a fridge to put it in, you just leave it on your plate. And lots of food goes to waste. And that means lots of money down the drain. So split a salad, appetizer and/or entrée with the goal of NOT having any TOGO boxes.

Tip #3 – Take pictures. Leave the souvenirs

Think twice about that souvenir you are about to buy. How many times have you bought a cheap souvenir that breaks a day or two later and then goes straight to the landfill? Or, after 1 or 2 uses, it loses its appeal and collects dust (and THEN gets tossed in the landfill). I know I may sound heartless and scrooge-like, but try to think beyond instant gratification. Take more pictures instead. Your memories will last a lifetime. That plastic trinket? Not so much…

Tip #4 – Vacation from the comfort of your home

Vacations are about getting away from the day to day grind, being with friends and family and creating memories. You don’t have to travel far to accomplish that. What you save on airfare and lodging could go to treats like massages for the adults or a day of movies for the kids. Check out my article on Creating Your Own Vacation Camp for more details of what we did for our Staycation  two years ago.

Fly-In Facts

Fly-in Fact #1

The average family of 4 spent $4,580 for a week-long vacation

Source: American Express

Fly-in Fact #2

Collectively, Americans failed to take an estimated 577,212,000 available days of vacation in 2013

Source: Forbes

Fly-in Fact #3

1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted

Source: LeanPath

Fly-in Fact #4

All the food waste mentioned above In the US that adds up to $165 Billion per year or over $2000 for a family of 4!

Source: National Resources Defense Council

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Lori Hill

Lori Hill

Lori Hill founded Sister Eden in order to inspire people to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Before that, she produced special events for 16 years and educated her colleagues about how to make their events more sustainable. In addition to being an online media personality and producer of videos, Lori is a speaker, writer, activist, wife, mom, and plant eater just trying to do the right thing and make a difference in the world. You can often find her walking her rescue dog Dolly while picking up trash in her Takoma Park neighborhood where Sister Eden has adopted a spot.
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