rissa-and-nathaniel-2016We believe in the concept of full disclosure. So here it is…. we aren’t really hippies. We don’t own any tie-dye, bell bottoms or patchouli oil. We aren’t even dirty. Sorry. We chose the name of this blog because so many times, folks have assumed that we must be dirty hippies because who else would care about the environment and eat vegan food?

Both of us are working artists living in Baltimore County, Maryland. We have a house, a Prius and a dog. We went to college – that’s where we met – and both had careers in journalism before newspapers tanked a few years back. In our daily lives, most people think we’re a little different – because we’re creatives. Not because of what we eat or how we live our lives. As far as we are concerned it’s not weird to be vegan or environmentalist. Everyone is entitled to live their live in the way they feel is best, after all. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness – all that.