Lori Gets Fresh for Valentine’s Day

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About This Video

I name names about the flowers and candy I like for Valentine’s Day.

Flower Resources

SlowFlowers is a great resource to find flower farms and/or florists near you who source locally, or, at the very least, only within the United States. 

Candy Resources

This candy is great! It’s organic, all natural, vegan, fair-trade, gluten-free, non-GMO and lots of other good  stuff! 

Hammond’s All Natural Caramel Marshmallow Heart
$3.99 at Whole Foods
$4.45 online

Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Hearts
$6.99/bag at Whole Foods

Theo Red Hot Cinnamon Love Crunch Candy Bar
$3.49 at Whole Foods

Lake Champlain Chocolates/Assortment Box
$9.99/6-piece box

Tru Joy Sweets Organic Lollipops
$5.19 at Whole Foods

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Hearts Bag
$9.99 /bag at Whole Foods
$13.50 online

Lake Champlain Milk Chocolate Hearts Bag
$9.99/bag at Whole Foods
$13.50 online

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate Hearts


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Lori Hill

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