Remember when trash used to be easy? You just threw everything away and that was that. But now we wonder,

Can I recycle that plastic container?

Is this paper plate compostable?

What IS a compostable plate anyway?

Can I even afford a compostable plate?

Remember when margarine was healthy? And butter was bad?

And now it’s the other way around.

And the same thing with eggs.

And isn’t coconut oil bad? Or is that palm oil?

Our minds are twirling a mile a minute! Who has time to read up on all this stuff?

We barely have time to take care of ourselves, let alone the planet!

At Sister Eden Media we get it!

Like you, we’re just trying to get the kids to practice on time and make sure they get their homework done while simultaneously catching up on email, TODOs around the house, and all the work for our day jobs.

So here’s the deal:

Every week we create short, funny, and informative videos that cut through the crap and statistics to give you simple tips that will save time, money, and help you feel good about what you are doing.

To be sure you don’t miss out, subscribe to our YouTube channel – it doesn’t cost a thing! And be sure to check back every week for new videos to enjoy.

And last but not least, every week, we feature great plant-based recipes from the dirty hippie & the bohemian girl and other friends that will make you the star of the PTA Potluck!

Thanks for stopping by.

Lori and John