Use Vinegar and Save the Planet

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About This Sister Eden Short

We show you how you can save money and still get the job done by using vinegar in lieu of more common, expensive and toxic household cleaners. Special thanks to Adrienne Hamcke Wicker who suggested this topic.

More About the Facts and Articles Mentioned

You can use a simple combination of 1 part vinegar, 1 part water and half a lemon to make a really effective surface cleaner. Overwhelmed at the thought of making your own cleaners? The company Full Circle makes it easy for you. Their Come Clean Natural Cleaning Solutions Single Bottle Package comes with  one spray bottle, one built-in juicer, one microfiber cleaning cloth, and one Clean House Green House guide which is full of “recipes” for natural cleaning products. I love it!

We purchased the gallon of white vinegar at our local Ace Hardware store for $4.49, but you can also purchase it at Giant Food for $3.39. 

Fly-In Fact #1

The most common causes of poisoning among young children are cosmetics and personal care products, household cleaning products, and pain relievers. Common causes among adults are pain relievers, prescription drugs, sedatives, cleaning products, and antidepressants.

Source: Centers for Disease Control

Article #1

How Environmental Exposure May Affect Your Child

Source: WebMD

This site has some good general information and includes this passage which we think is really important and a bit scary.

According to Kenneth Bock, MD, pediatric neurotoxicologist and codirector of the Rhinebeck Health Center in Rhinebeck, New York, “What’s surprising to so many parents is that we don’t have good safety testing for a lot of the chemicals we use every day… We don’t really know what they might be doing to our kids.”

We don’t have any good idea of the side affects of these agents. By employing the “cautionary principle” we choose to not use something until we know it is safe (more common in Europe) rather than use it until we know its dangerous (more common in the USA).

Article #2

Cleaning Supplies and Your Health

Source: Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group’s investigation of more than 2,000 cleaning supplies on the American market has found that many contain substances linked to serious health problems.

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  1. Not to mention apple cider vinegar makes a great hair conditioner. (I couldn’t see the video, was it mentioned as a laundry softener too?)

    1. Author

      Thanks, Louise! Our vinegar video didn’t into using vinegar as a laundry room softener. Heck, if we listed all the great things vinegar can be used for, the video would have been hours long!

  2. Really informative. I started using vinegar to clean and as a weed killer/inhibitor. Thanks for a of the great tips and videos!

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