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Verdant Springtime Soup with Cashew-Lavender Drizzle

In Recipes, Salads & Soups by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl2 Comments

Bright Green Miracles Nothing says springtime produce like peas and this Verdant Springtime Soup with Cashew-Lavender Drizzle is popping with peas! They are like little bright green miracles- packed with protein, vitamin C, fiber and vitamin A. Such a simple food is easy to overlook, though. After all, who hasn’t has badly prepared peas? Maybe you remember those yucky gray-brown …

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Mom’s Squash Casserole

In Recipes, Sides by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl0 Comments

All families have classic favorites. This one belongs to Cindy, the Dirty Hippie’s mom. His folks have a large veggie garden (by large, I mean over an acre!) and the yield of yellow squash each year is pretty significant. This casserole is a staple in many southern families and everyone seems to have their own take on it. Some are …

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Colcannon with Fried Leeks

In Main Dishes, Recipes by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl11 Comments

When you think “Irish food” potatoes usually come to mind. Traditionally, Irish Colcannon is made with mashed white potatoes and cabbage. Americans usually think of it as the perfect dish for St. Patrick’s Day – though in Ireland, it’s served more often in the fall. Go figure! This dish dates back to pre-Roman times in Ireland and was popular because …

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Sesame Soy Dip

In Appetizers and Snacks, Recipes by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl1 Comment

Veggies and dip is a classic and this dip might just be yummy and fun enough to entice your family to consume a lot of fresh vegetables! And be sure to try our Around the Ranch Dip. We bet nobody will miss the dairy! Carrot and celery sticks are the all-time favorites, but try broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, bell pepper slices, …

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Buffalo Faux-Chicken Pinwheels

In Appetizers and Snacks, Recipes, Super Bowl by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl12 Comments

These savory and spicy vegan faux-chicken pinwheels are fun to make and great for parties of any kind! Sometimes things come together perfectly and to stack the deck in your favor, try this hearty vegan recipe for game-day snacking. If you are hosting a Superbowl shindig for a bunch of hungry football fans this recipe is sure help you score. …

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Updated Green Bean Casserole

In Recipes, Sides, Thanksgiving 2016 by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl0 Comments

Most everyone has had Green Bean Casserole. You know, the thing your family always made with the condensed mushroom soup, some milk and canned green beans (or fresh, if you were lucky!). We decided it was time to give this recipe a facelift. Our version is vegan and can easily be gluten-free. It’s also got some fun, new ingredients, like …

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Fizzy Citrus Swizzle Punch

In Beverages, Let's Eat, Recipes by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl0 Comments

Winter means citrus is back in season. This bright cocktail will really show off the freshness of oranges, grapefruit and lime, with the sweetness coming from a candy swizzle stick in each glass. You can make this punch for all ages by using ginger ale for the fizz or make a grown up version with sparkling white wine. Our Fizzy …

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Molasses Spice Cookies

In Desserts, Latest, Let's Eat, The Blog by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl2 Comments

Everyone enjoys cookies around the holidays and Molasses Spice Cookies are a classic. We’ve reworked the recipe to make these traditional little sweets both vegan and gluten-free! Can’t eat nuts? No problem, the decorative pecans are optional and the cookies are just as cute without them. This recipe makes about 3 dozen small cookies. They pair well with coffee, hot …