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Plastic Free 4th of July

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  It’s Plastic Free July. Have you made your pledge to refuse single use plastic in July?  How do you go plastic free when throwing a party?  Whether you are throwing an elegant affair for 20 or a neighborhood block party for 200, you can still be Earth-friendly and have a plastic free 4th of July and every day of the …

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4 Tips to Stay Green When Choosing Your Halloween Costume

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  “What’s your Halloween costume this year?” It’s a popular question asked of kids and adults. I love dressing up for Halloween, but I don’t toss my fashion ethics to the curb for this one night. I utilize the same strategies for choosing my Halloween costume as I do when purchasing regular clothing.    Reuse. Don’t Toss.  I hold on …

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Earth Friendly Holiday Gifts

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  I’m done with traditional holiday gifts.  I’d rather walk barefoot over broken glass than battle traffic to drive to the mall and then hunt for a parking space and then deal with crowds to buy a gift that someone may not enjoy or even trash.  [Deep breath].  Because of this, I’ve turned to sex.  Okay, it’s actually SECs. Services. Experiences. …

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Earth-Friendly Parties

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  Starting to make plans for the big game?  Check out my tips for earth friendly parties so you can make a big impact on your guests without having a big impact on Earth. Recipes Featured in TV Segment Above Sister Eden’s Spicy Salsa Have Baked Corn Salsa Kale Yeah! Bruschetta Knock Yo’ Socks Off Vegan Chili Mom’s Veganified Chocolate …

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Easy, Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

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  Still don’t know what to get your Love for Valentine’s Day?  Don’t let it stress you. Here are 3 simple gifts you can put together at the last minute. 1. Write a Love Letter or a List Tell your valentine what you love about him or her.  It’s the words that count.  If you are like me and not …

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How to Reuse Holiday Cards

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Now that the holiday season is over, I still need to take down our decorations and our tree. I’ll take one more look at all the holiday cards we received, but I’m not going to chuck all of them. I save my favorite holiday cards to reuse in future years. Here’s how I do it.  Decorate Gifts I cut off …

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How to Reuse Your Campaign Signs

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  Where we live, people are really involved politically. I mean REALLY involved. Leading up to our last primary one week ago, every third house seemed to have multiple campaign signs in the front yard. So what do people do with these campaign signs after the election is over? I fear they send them to the landfill. Ugh. That’s a …