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How to Reuse Holiday Cards

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Now that the holiday season is over, I still need to take down our decorations and our tree. I’ll take one more look at all the holiday cards we received, but I’m not going to chuck all of them. I save my favorite holiday cards to reuse in future years. Here’s how I do it.  Decorate Gifts I cut off …

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Flush Your Toilet. Save the Planet.

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About This Sister Eden Short Want to save money on your water bill? Today’s dual flush toilets are not only affordable, but are also effective in getting it all down the drain. Oh yeah. They conserve water, too! Also, be sure to watch parts 1 and 3 in this water conservation series: You Don’t Need to Drink Urine to Save …

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You Don’t Need to Drink Urine to Save the Planet

In Home by Lori Hill6 Comments

About This Sister Eden Short Here are 7 easy tips for saving water that won’t cost you a thing AND will help you save money on your water bill! Also, be sure to watch parts 2 and 3 in this water conservation series: Flush Your Toilet. Save the Planet. Visit Your Hardware Store. Save the Planet.  Tips for Saving Water Here …

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How to Reuse Your Campaign Signs

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  Where we live, people are really involved politically. I mean REALLY involved. Leading up to our last primary one week ago, every third house seemed to have multiple campaign signs in the front yard. So what do people do with these campaign signs after the election is over? I fear they send them to the landfill. Ugh. That’s a …

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Gardener’s Hand Scrub

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Digging into the ground can be immensely satisfying. There is a special magic when you plant seeds and witness the miracle over days, weeks, months as they growing into a thriving plant. Your nurturing and patience is rewarded with gorgeous flowers or fruits & veggies. Oh, but your hands… That same rich black soil that bolsters growth in the plant …

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Black Gold, Greens, and Browns: The Colors of Compost

In Articles, Home by Susanna Parker4 Comments

What’s smelly, known as “black gold,” and has a huge impact on the environment? Compost! (What did you think I was going to say?) Yes friends, compost has a musky, earthy smell, is worth its weight in gold for the nutrients it puts back into the soil, and helps lighten the pressure on our landfills by transforming organic waste material …

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How to Ditch Your Turf for an Eco-Friendly Yard

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In less than two weeks my husband Palmer and I will be closing on a house. It’s our first home that’s truly ours, and we couldn’t be more excited! Adding to our enthusiasm is the number of ‘green’ upgrades the previous owners installed, including brand new windows, energy efficient appliances, and rain barrels. Score! The only thing that’s really missing …

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Save Money. At Home. Every Day.

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  Special Thanks Special thanks to Uni the Unicorn Mueller for appearing in this Sister Eden Short. No unicorns were injured during the filming of this video. Fact #1 – Over Half of U.S. Energy Production is Wasted According to Clean Technica, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory reports that the United States is just 39% energy efficient. How is this possible? Well, …

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Zero-Waste Lunch

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Back in the Day As a kid, I was what some would call a picky eater, but I Iike to think that I was a discriminating consumer. In other words, I wasn’t a fan of the school lunch program. So I packed my lunch. Every day. In those days, kids used metal lunch boxes with matching thermoses filled with whole …