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Trash Talk with Lori Hill: Tips for Living a Low Waste Life

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  REGISTER NOW!  Living low waste has become a worldwide phenomenon as awareness grows about problems such as plastic in our oceans and bulging landfills. Our fast-moving world has made us too dependent upon disposable items which are wreaking havoc on our planet. We need to return to reusables and avoid so many disposables. So if you want to be a …

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A Tale of Two Valentine’s Days

In Articles, Media and Entertainment by Carling Adele-Wyncoll Elder7 Comments

A floral designer shares the glaring difference of Valentine’s Day at a large retail florist vs. a florist that sources locally. I have worked in the floral industry for four years, which means that I have spent a fair amount of time preparing, designing and all-out-hustling for Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest days of the year for florists. So …

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All Treats. No Tricks.

In Articles, Media and Entertainment, Recipes by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl3 Comments

Trick or treating was a blissful time for me as a child. I grew up a while back, before there were scares about poisoned candy or apples with razor blades. In fact, many of my neighbors handed out treats like homemade popcorn balls and fresh fruit. Sigh… those days of innocence. It seems like a story from another lifetime and …

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Watch Cowspiracy With Us

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This screening has been held!  No, this is not a movie that shows masses of cows being slaughtered. It is a movie about how our diets are contributing to climate change. Many months ago, Sister Eden featured bloggers the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl told us about the film Cowspiracy  and asked us to support it’s Indiegogo campaign. We watched the film’s trailer and, without …

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Cheap and Easy Travel Tips

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[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]   About This Sister Eden Short Save money when traveling by follow these 4 easy travel tips. Tips Tip #1 – Pack your own food and water When grocery shopping the week before your trip, load up on bulk snacks and then place those in reusable bags like Lunchskins. Bring reusable water bottles filled with water and when …

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Eat Funnel Cake, Save the Planet

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About This Video Actually, there is not much of a connection between eating funnel cake and saving the planet, but we thought it was a catchy title; however, many of us eat funnel cake at outdoor events, and that is where this story begins! At the beginning of the video, I tell John that he’s spending more on a bottle …

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Just Sit There and Save the Planet

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More About the Video Thanks for watching the video. If you are interested in meditation, I recommend trying a class. Since there are many different types of meditation — transcendental, vipassina, mindfulness, etc. – it might be easier to do an Internet search for meditation in your area to find out what is available near you. You might also want …


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  This film moved me. It motivated me. And it brought tears to my eyes. It had a profound effect on me and I’m confident it will have the same effect on you. This is one of those movies where, after watching it, you get up from your seat and say, “I want to do something!” After watching this film, …