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Zero-Waste Lunch

In Articles, Home, Recipes by Lori Hill0 Comments

Back in the Day As a kid, I was what some would call a picky eater, but I Iike to think that I was a discriminating consumer. In other words, I wasn’t a fan of the school lunch program. So I packed my lunch. Every day. In those days, kids used metal lunch boxes with matching thermoses filled with whole …

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Recycling Made Easy: Two Cans in Every Room

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Does it drive you nutty when you see recyclables in a trash can even though the recycling bin is a few steps away? Sometimes folks just don’t feel like walking the extra steps. So make your home life easier. Place two waste cans in each room. One for recycling and one for landfill waste. Label them so that visitors will …

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Eat Funnel Cake, Save the Planet

In Media and Entertainment by Lori Hill2 Comments

About This Video Actually, there is not much of a connection between eating funnel cake and saving the planet, but we thought it was a catchy title; however, many of us eat funnel cake at outdoor events, and that is where this story begins! At the beginning of the video, I tell John that he’s spending more on a bottle …

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Meat Out 2014 and Easy Salsa Pasta Salad

In Articles, Recipes by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl3 Comments

For 29 years, March 20th has marked the date of the Meat Out. Formerly known as the Great American Meat Out (before the day went global!), the idea is for folks to try meatless meals for one day. Sort of like a test drive to see what it’s like. But why? Why try a meatless diet?   Though there are …

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12 Cloth Napkins from a $2 T-shirt

In Home by Lori Hill1 Comment

We try to use cloth napkins in our house as much as possible (but when we use paper, we use the kind made of recycled content). If you don’t have any cloth napkins, just make your own with an old t-shirt! The cloth is absorbent and easy to clean, plus since our boys like to wipe their hands on their …

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What the Heck Is Universal Waste (and What Do You Do With It?)

In Articles, Home by David Troust2 Comments

I’m sure you are thinking, “Recycling? I’ve got that area of sustainability locked down tight! I recycle everything my municipality collects — all my paper, cardboard, cans, and glass and plastics. Is there more? Are you going to tell me I’m doing it wrong again?” No, you aren’t doing it wrong, but believe it or not, some smart people are working hard …