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Drunken Eggplant

In Main Dishes, Sides by John Robinette0 Comments

“Sure, we’ll take the eggplant!” I heard myself say as my sister packed to leave after visiting us on vacation. I figured I’d grill them one of the remaining nights of our stay at a rental in the Finger Lakes. But I didn’t, and abhorring wasting food, we added it to cooler for the trip home. It sat for four …

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No Meat-a Fajitas

In Main Dishes, Recipes by John Robinette1 Comment

Fajitas are a great item to serve at a party or at a festive family occasion. And cooking veggie fajitas on the grill gives them that smoky char that people love. Kids love fajitas, too, since the presentation of the cooked ingredients allows them to make them exactly as they want them. And I’m going to let you in on …

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Asparagus and Bean Salad

In Main Dishes, Recipes, Salads & Soups by Lori Hill0 Comments

This hearty asparagus and bean salad can serve as a light meal all by itself. Accompany it with a crusty bread and a glass of wine, and you have dinner. Marinating the onion in vinegar while you prepare the rest of the salad helps mellow out the flavors while retaining the crunch. The earthiness of the asparagus and white canellleni …

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Stuffed Pineapple

In Main Dishes, Pasta, Rice, and Grains, Recipes by Lori Hill1 Comment

When we were in Mexico for spring break in 2016, we stayed at the Maya Luna Hotel and Restaurant a small, eco-resort (just 4 bungalows on the beach!) that is off the grid. But trust me, we had all the modern amenities and the food was truly delightful. Maya Luna is famous for its Stuffed Pineapple which is normally prepared with …

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Colcannon with Fried Leeks

In Main Dishes, Recipes by the dirty hippie and the bohemian girl11 Comments

When you think “Irish food” potatoes usually come to mind. Traditionally, Irish Colcannon is made with mashed white potatoes and cabbage. Americans usually think of it as the perfect dish for St. Patrick’s Day – though in Ireland, it’s served more often in the fall. Go figure! This dish dates back to pre-Roman times in Ireland and was popular because …

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Mexican Tofu Steaks

In Appetizers and Snacks, Main Dishes, Recipes by John Robinette2 Comments

  Watch our YouTube video on how to prepare this dish.  I don’t care what anyone else says, but for protein, I love tofu which is made from soy. It’s versatile, can go in practically anything, and takes on whatever flavor you throw at it. Tofu is also rich in calcium, low in fat, and is associated with the reduction …

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Mushrooms Stuffed with Faux Sausage

In Main Dishes, Recipes by Lori Hill2 Comments

Omnivores and plant eaters alike gobble up this dish which is easy to prepare thanks to the small number of ingredients and short baking time. My friend Denese, who discovered this recipe in a newspaper,  shared it with me many years ago. At the time, I altered it to make it vegetarian by using Light Life Smart Sausages Italian Style. But …