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Moo-less (Vegan) Mashed Potatoes

In Recipes, Sides, Thanksgiving 2016 by Lori Hill1 Comment

  Replace the Cow with a Plant It’s easy to prepare vegan mashed potatoes.  Just replace the moo (cow milk) with plant-based milk such as soy, almond, or coconut, like I’ve used here. I don’t like the flavor that soy milk gives the potatoes, so I use coconut milk because it leaves no detectable coconut taste to the potatoes.  To …

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Granny Apple Rice

In Pasta, Rice, and Grains, Recipes, Thanksgiving 2016 by Lori Hill0 Comments

This vegan rice recipe is another great discovery from the Simply in Season Children’s Cookbook I picked up years ago at Ten Thousand Villages when I had the idealistic image of our sons cooking in the kitchen with me. Yeah right. So the adult uses the cookbook, not the children. The recipes in the cookbook are more vegetarian than vegan, …

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Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto | Vegan Risotto

In Pasta, Rice, and Grains, Recipes, Thanksgiving 2016 by John Robinette0 Comments

What Is Risotto? Vegan risotto. Is there such a thing? Yes, you can eat vegan and enjoy this Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto! If you aren’t familiar with risotto, it is a Northern Italian rice dish made with the short grain Arborio Rice, is a perfect rib-sticking dish for anytime of year, but I love it particularly in the fall and for …

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Onion & Zucchini Pakora

In Appetizers and Snacks, Recipes, Super Bowl, Thanksgiving 2016 by Lori Hill0 Comments

  Pakora is a fried snack, originally from India. This Onion & Zucchini Pakora pops with flavor thanks to the cilantro, onions and spices. It’s made vegan by making one simple switcheroo:  dairy-free yogurt for traditional yogurt and it’s gluten-free thanks to garbanzo bean flour. This recipe is great for entertaining because all your guests can enjoy it!  [yumprint-recipe id=’100′]

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Kale Yeah! Bruschetta

In Appetizers and Snacks, Recipes, Super Bowl, Thanksgiving 2016 by Lori Hill2 Comments

Recently, our CSA shared this recipe for Dinosaur Kale, Tomato and White Bean Soup which could easily be veganified with vegetable stock. But not being in the mood to make soup, my husband John suggested preparing it as a salad or a side dish.  Looking over the ingredients which included cannellini beans, I was reminded of the most amazing bruschetta recipe I discovered …

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Darn Good Dip

In Appetizers and Snacks, Recipes, Super Bowl, Thanksgiving 2016 by Lori Hill3 Comments

I created this dip when I was trying  a recipe for salad dressing from Gathered Table that I discovered from our weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The original recipe called for fish sauce and plain yogurt and suggested replacing some of the yogurt with mayonnaise for a tangier recipe. So I veganified it by using Just Mayo, a vegan mayonnaise substitute, instead of yogurt …

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Easy Asparagus Spears

In Recipes, Sides, Thanksgiving 2016 by John Robinette2 Comments

Asparagus is one of those vegetables when prepared properly, it pops with flavor. And all you need are simple ingredients you already have in your pantry. This vegan and gluten-free recipe is really easy to whip together as a side dish and can be served hot or at room temperature.  [yumprint-recipe id=’79’]

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Secret Chocolate Cake

In Desserts, Recipes, Thanksgiving 2016 by Lori Hill4 Comments

This is a recipe I found in the cookbook Simply in Season Children’s Cookbook. The “secret” to this chocolate cake is that it contains beets! As a kid, I was not fond of beets (my mother served us canned beets which still makes me shudder), but this is a fun — if not sneaky — way to get them some vegetables in …