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Green Living Apps to Help You Live More Sustainably

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My latest appearance on Good Morning Washington covered this topic. Click above or watch it here.  Here is even more information about those 5 apps. All are available for iOS and Android devices. Unless indicated, the app is free.   iRecycle I am a huge fan of the website which is chock full of recycling information. Now they have …

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Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

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About This Sister Eden Video These eco-friendly laundry tips will save you money, time, water, electricity, detergent and make your clothes last longer. Oh yeah AND reduce our dependency on oil. Wear Clothes Again and Again If your clothes aren’t visibly dirty or smelly, wear them again! And again! People really do this! In fact, the CEO of Levi Strauss …

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Santa’s First Vegan Christmas Book Review

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  About This Video  What if Santa didn’t use reindeer? I review the book Santa’s First Vegan Christmas written by Robin Raven and illustrated by Kara Maria Schunk. It envisions a kinder, gentler Santa, Christmas, and world. Great for kids and adults, vegans and non-vegans, the book gently addresses the topic of animal welfare.  Purchase the Book You can purchase …

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Why Plant Trees?

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  About This Video Our neighborhood won $2,000 in the City of Takoma Park Neighborhood Energy Challenge and spent it on trees! Why? Because trees are an essential part of our lives and provide a whole host of benefits. We share those benefits and more.  The Neighborhood Energy Challenge was a motivational contest to encourage our city’s residents to reduce their …

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Recycling Fact or Fiction

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  About This Video We toured the largest single stream recycling facility in the United States and got answers to common recycling questions. Special thanks to Annapolis Green for organizing this tour.  Fact or Fiction Summary (and Some Alternatives) The information below is based on what we were told by the Waste Management Facility in Elkridge, Maryland. However, it’s always wise …

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The Organic B&B

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  Check out the eco-friendly features of this organic B&B located on an organic farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York. About This Video  I don’t need more stuff in my life, so I LOVE when people give me the gift of an experience or service. For Christmas last year, our in-laws gave my husband John and me the …

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I Was a Cheese Junkie

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  Have you ever been addicted to something? I was addicted to cheese. If you ever thought you could never give up cheese, watch this video to see how — and why — I did it AND the unexpected benefits I got from kicking the habit.  Like this video? Check out all of our videos on YouTube and subscribe to …