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Join the local food movement! Whether you grow your own food, purchase it at a farmers market or through a CSA, it’s fun, healthy and affordable!

Why Local Food Is Awesome

Local food is awesome for a variety of reasons. First off, because it travels a smaller distance, it’s more fresh and tastes a heckuva lot better than food that has traveled thousands of miles (and a lot of our food does that!) and could be days old before you see it at your local grocery store. Also, because it has traveled a smaller distance, that means less carbon in the air and less pollution (and that’s good for all of us!). Also, buying local supports your local economy and seeing your local economy thrive is a great feeling!

How to Get Started

Starting your own garden is about as local as you can get! For great ideas, check out the Sister Eden Pinterest page on Urban Gardening and all our blog posts about gardening.

If shopping at a farmers market or joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) appeal to you, visit Local Harvest to find a market or CSA near you! Also, be sure to read Susanna’s informative blog post about CSAs.

For more information about why local food is better, read this great article from the Worldwatch Institute.


Lori Hill

Lori Hill

Lori Hill is a plant eater, trash picker upper, climate activist, wife, and mom to 2 human boys, 2 cat boys, and 1 dog boy. On a mission to do all she can to take better care of the planet, Lori created Sister Eden Media, a green lifestyle company, to inspire others to give a damn and live more gently on Earth. She shares tips on her YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and also frequently appears on television.
Lori Hill


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