Just Sit There and Save the Planet

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Thanks for watching the video. If you are interested in meditation, I recommend trying a class. Since there are many different types of meditation — transcendental, vipassina, mindfulness, etc. – it might be easier to do an Internet search for meditation in your area to find out what is available near you.

You might also want to check out 4 quick tips from MindBodyGreen as well as the book Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program.

And if you were curious, we did not stage Dolly the Dog licking my face. It happened organically!

Fly In Facts and Tips (in order of appearance)

Fly In Fact #1

According to a 2007 NIH (National Institutes of Health) Study, over 20 million Americans meditate for Health reasons.

Fly In Tip #1

If you want to try meditating on your own, start with 5 minutes then add a minute at a time as you become comfortable.

Some people practice meditation for 60 minutes or more each day, but when starting out, start small and work from there so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Fly In Tip #2

For help, I like the Insight Timer App.

Among other things, you can get that cool gong-like sound you heard at the beginning of the video!

Fly In Fact #2

Research suggests the effects of meditation continue even after meditating.

Actually there is a growing amount of evidence showing the positive effects of meditating across a whole range or issues from smoking cessation, stress management, even reductions in acute respiratory illness!


Tell us about your meditation practice! We’d love to hear from you!

Lori Hill

Lori Hill

Lori Hill is a plant eater, trash picker upper, climate activist, wife, and mom to 2 human boys, 2 cat boys, and 1 dog boy. On a mission to do all she can to take better care of the planet, Lori created Sister Eden Media, a green lifestyle company, to inspire others to give a damn and live more gently on Earth. She shares tips on her YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and also frequently appears on television.
Lori Hill


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