Loaded Oatmeal Cookies

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You should feel great about all the foods going into your child’s lunch. Or your partner’s, or your own.  These Loaded Oatmeal Cookies sound like a treat, but have the nutrition profile to really go the distance. Sneak in tons of fiber with 3 cups of oatmeal and a can of beans. Yes, that’s right – a can of creamy white beans is hidden in these cookies! But with all the warm flavor from applesauce, spices and loads of add-ins like cranberries and pepitas, no one will ever guess. We’re not done there, though. We added vegan protein powder to really amp up the nutrition and powder your family through the day.

Many brands of vegan protein powder are available. We use Vegan Smart, a favorite in our household and easy to find, but you can also try Vega, RAW/Garden of Life, Plant Fusion, Body Logix, Sunwarrior or Trader Joe’s, just to name a few. Vegan protein powders come at many different price points, and while many are gluten-free, some are not nut-free, so be sure to read labels if your child’s school is allergen-sensitive about nuts. Protein sources in vegan powders can be hemp, brown rice, peas, soy, or nuts; you can find these powders at large grocers, natural foods stores, fitness stores (like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe), and online at Vitacost and Amazon.


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