One More Reason to Eat Organic Food: You’ll Lose Weight!

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Image credit: etibb

Image credit: etibb

I started eating “organic” produce in the early 1990’s when a Fresh Fields opened near me. I was living in Northern Virginia and my partner at the time suggested we go. While I loved the selections I was appalled by the prices.

But having grown up in an agricultural area of New Jersey (yes, it really is the Garden State) and having worked most summers on farms, I was aware of the amount of pesticide spraying that went on. One morning, in fact, the year after my senior year in high school, I was working on a flower farm. We were out at about 7am when a plane came in low over the horizon and cropped dusted us. We thought it was all kind of funny though the owner of the farm failed to see the humor.

Flash forward and my uneasiness with the price tag was overcome by growing concerns from chemical exposures. We have a history of discovering, after the fact, the harmful affects of once novel products (see: DDT and the Tobacco Industry).

Then just a few days ago a friend posted an article on Facebook from Salon that sourced a piece from AlterNet Turns out there is research linking exposure to antibiotics and hormones in meat and exposure to pesticides in food to . . . weight gain!

How about that! There is more to the article and I encourage you to read it. I’ve tried to hold firm to my conviction that eating a diet that is largely plant based, and also organic, is a good idea. This in spite criticisms of the cost, and studies that show that organic food is no better, from a nutritional standpoint, than conventional. I always thought those studies missed the point.

There is a growing body of research showing the long-term health affects of those exposed to pesticides, particularly in the agriculture industry. Even if conventional food is washed so that my exposure is limited, I don’t want to consume a product that puts others at risks. And who knows, as the referenced articles above are now showing, there are even more negative affects that we once considered.

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John Robinette

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