Tailgate Chili Mac

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It’s time for football and with football comes the tailgating spread. If the games we’ve attended are any indication, chili and hot dogs go with tailgating like cookies and milk go with Santa Claus. With our menu, you’re sure to score major points at the next game.

The chili is a whole meal complete with proteins, carbs and veg. It’s Chili Mac made hearty with mushrooms, black beans and Beyond Meat Feisty beefless crumbles. You can use another brand of meatless crumbles, like Gardein, Upton’s or Light Life’s Smart Ground, but we like the taste of Beyond Meat, as well as its gluten-free (GF), soy-free ingredient list.  Our secret ingredient in the chili is… beer! Yes, add a splash of your favorite beer to this chili and your are going to be elevated to tailgate rock star. Better make a double batch. Gluten free? Yes, there is gluten free beer! Even Anheuser-Busch makes Redbridge, which is a GF brew and available nationwide. Check your local liquor store because GF beers are getting more popular all the time!

For the hot dogs, we’re going whole-food style and using carrots to make the dogs. Really! Trust us, these little carrot weiners are a dual threat of both taste and nutrition. Carrots are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C and even have protein, potassium and calcium. You grill ’em up as usual and serve on your favorite rolls with your favorite toppings. Need gluten-free buns? Schar makes a vegan, gluten-free bun for your carrot dogs.

As written, both recipes are vegan, gluten-free and nut-free. So feel free to share with everyone at the game!

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