VirtueBrush Product Review

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I’m on a mission to eliminate plastic from my life. Even when I brush my teeth. So when I heard about a crowdfunding campaign for the VirtueBrush, a 100% plant-based and sustainable brush, I had to support it! 

Bristle Update

Because I supported the campaign, I received my very own VirtueBrush and decided to do a product review. I was in touch with Dylan, the founder, some weeks later and got an update on the VirtueBrush. He informed me that they want to provide the highest quality dental grade bristle possible for their customers and this is why, in the end, they have chosen to use a nylon bristle. Dylan added, “We don’t compromise on quality in regard to our bristles. The main benefit of the VirtueBrush for greener living is its attractive Bamboo handle which is a perfect replacement for plastic.”

Dylan and the VirtueBrush team are working to replace the nylon bristles with a natural version, so stay tuned. As soon as we get an update, we’ll give you an update.

Worth It 

I think it is totally worth it to buy a VirtueBrush! Everything but the bristles are plant-based and compostable. I appreciate they want to provide the best bristles available for a great tooth brushing experience. The solid bamboo handle is a really nice feature that looks and feels great. Plus the box it comes in can be kept and used as a neat toothbrush protector when travelling. You can use the VirtueBrush for a few months and afterwards use it as fire kindling or for odd jobs around the house before leaving it to biodegrade as nature intended. To be fair the VirtueBrush is not just an ordinary toothbrush, it is a unique product in its own right.

Cool Company

VirtueBrush plants 3 trees for each brush sold and is a member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. They are working towards Fair Trade certification. You gotta love a company like this! 

Purchase a VirtueBrush

Since we made the video, the price of a VirtueBrush has gone down a bit. As of this writing, the price is  €4.95, which is $5.55 in U.S. dollars. The price includes shipping. 

Lori Hill

Lori Hill

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