Why You Don’t Need Solar Panels to Enjoy Solar Energy

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IF YOU LIVE IN MARYLAND, enjoy community solar by taking advantage of a special offer for Sister Eden followers from Neighborhood Sun

What Is Community Solar?

Community solar allows customers who have shady roofs OR rent OR are otherwise unable to install solar on their residences or commercial buildings to buy or subscribe to a portion of a shared solar system within your community.

When you become a subscriber, your share of the electricity generated by the project is credited to your electricity bill, just as if the solar system were located at your home or business!

The solar project delivers all the power it produces into the grid, and the local utility redistributes this power among its customers.

Your household then receives a credit on your monthly utility bill for the amount of electricity your share of the system produces. It’s called virtual net metering.

Benefits of Community Solar

Community solar enables you to take advantage of affordable, locally produced, clean energy without having to own your home OR install equipment on your property.

It also helps to build stronger communities and fight climate change. And since the IPCC says we need to get our butts in gear and really get serious about fighting climate change, taking advantage of community solar is a no brainer.

Take Action Now

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE MARYLAND, find out where community solar is available in your area. And if you live outside the United States, I recommend googling “community solar” along with your city to see what is available.

IF YOU LIVE IN MARYLAND, Neighborhood Sun, the company my husband John and I use for community solar, has a great deal for Sister Eden followers. 

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To summarize, you get: 

  • $50 just for signing up by Thanksgiving
  • 5% off your solar bill for your first year
  • 10% off your solar bill for your first year if you refer two friends
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Signing up only takes about 15 minutes of your time AND Neighborhood Sun pays you $50 for your time!

What’s not to love?

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Lori Hill

Lori Hill

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